Friday, May 14, 2010

Acrylic nails ruined my natural nails...?

I recently took off my acrylic nails and my natural nails are ruined, their peeling %26amp; cracking, i've been conditioning them with vaseline and a really good cuticle oil.

Can you recommend anything else worth using?Acrylic nails ruined my natural nails...?
I am a licensed nail tech of 18 years. Your nails are not ruined they are just damaged for a short time due to what sounds like over use of primer and tearing the nails off instead of soaking them off. You see your nail grows out from the matrix. This Matrix is just behind the cuticle and below the surface of the skin. Your nails will grow out nice and pretty in about three to six months and also depending on how fast your nails grow. Until then keep them short and don't pick at them. Keep them covered with some good clear polish and use nail oil to keep them healthy. Make sure you wear gloves when doing the dishes and cleaning with solvents. Then when you get the chance go out and find a good nail tech who wil do manicures for you.

P.S. Vaseline will not penetrate the skin. Buy some Solor Oil from your nail tech and just keep using that along with manicures.

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LoriAcrylic nails ruined my natural nails...?
cut up some garlic and put it in a clear nail polish mix it up and put it on your nails it will make they stronger
use a block buffer to get rid of the ';peelies'; and use a nail hardener over top. look for something with keratin in it.

and next time (if you did) don't peel them off, let them soak in acetone and they'll melt off.
i know those nails are awful last time i took them off i had to use a credit card! but i just let them grow out cause their is nothing else you really can do vaseline wont work its not skin just be patient and soon they will grow out!
You have to just let your nails grown out. They are thin because they sand down your nails to put the fake ones on. Just get some growth formula clear nail polish and try to stop messing with them. Keep them trimmed VERY short or they might tear past your nail bed which can be extremely painful. This is one of the drawbacks of acrylics. Once you start getting them, you can't stop, or you'll have to go through this. It will be a month or two before you'll see your nails healthy the way they used to be.
I filed them down so the chips weren't so bad and put a clear nail hardener on them. After a few weeks they grow back, but you have to keep trimming them down till they have completely grown out. Otherwise, they are too thin. But now mine are nice. Just takes time.
use nutra nail. it's a good way to strengthen your nails and make them look and feel healthier
Unfortunately that's one of the downsides of acrylic nails...You have great nails for about 2 weeks and when you take them off they look like crap! Sorry to say but the only thing you can do is wait for it to grow out. You probably shouldn't get the acrylic nails if you don't want to ruin your natural nails, just try growing your own beautiful nails out. If you absolutely can't grow your nails out I guess you could get the acrylics and just get a fill when your nails grow and get them clipped when they get too long instead of ripping them off.
my daughter uses Nutra nail with green tea - at Walgreens - this has helped her nails grow and they look really nice.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength is the way to go. You will notice immediate results.

Good luck!!!!!
time. took me awhile for mine to strengthen back up.

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